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迪奥中国 | Dior China

这是一次令人印象深刻的体验,我们非常满意!感谢InstaPhoto印时达的支持,无论是从定制的照片模版到活动道具,都让我们玩得很开心。机器非常先进, 可以通过手机实时查看照片和动图,非常好玩,大家都很喜欢。我们一定还会再次租用的!

It was really an impressive experience! We really enjoyed it! 

Thanks to InstaPhoto Co. for all the support. From customized photo background to props, it all made us have so much fun.

The machine is very advanced, you can see the photos via your phone in real-time and even create GIF’s too. Such a fun feature that we all loved.

Everyone loved this experience –  we will definitely rent it again! 

Camden hauge

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Daphne和InstaPhoto印时达团队的服务一向来都非常专业 – 他们提供最先进的机器,并且由一支充满热情的团队来操作!我们很高兴他们可以一贯满足客户的需求,不停推出类似微信动图之类的新科技,这让我们的活动可以与时俱进。

Daphne and the InstaPhoto Co. team have never been anything less than professional in their services – they provide top of the line equipment and an enthusiastic team to operate it! We’re so excited about the fact that they stay up to date with our clients’ needs, introducing new technology like the WeChat GIF generator, to allow us to keep raising the bar for our events.



Juerg Zaugg

雀巢(中国)有限公司 | NESTLE CHINA


InstaPhoto Photo booth is a fun approach to engage people in an event and to create lasting memories to share!

乐霄 | Xiao Le




I was one of the lead organizers for the 40+ university mixer this summer, where we hired InstaPhoto for the creative photo booth. Over 600+ alumni from all over the world attended this event, and InstaPhoto did an impressive job, handling it very professionally and smoothly. Guests had a great time and the event was a huge success. Will definitely recommend InstaPhoto to others.  



5. 现场照片是3连拍的(也可选4连拍),出来的照片一式两份,一份让宾客带走,一份留念,另外微信扫描还能登陆系统平台下载gif动图。堪称完美!

I came across photo booths outside of China at weddings and thought they are interactive and create memories. Then I started looking for them in China, through wedding planners, and Taobao but to no avail. I eventually found InstaPhoto through friends who were in the event business, and I can’t express how happy I was with it, with its ethical and professional practice! Five star rating can’t even describe my satisfaction. 

The booth can be rented on an hourly basis. Originally I thought that would only include the booth and some print paper, but to my surprise, it came with a lot of services:

1. Onsite attendants

.2. Large number of props (when I say large, I mean A LOT, way more than what the wedding planner was able to provide with additional fees. At first when they told me they would prepare some props for me I thought they would only bring a few, but they brought two whole IBM tables of props)!

3. Various backdrop choices (all the latest ones like on Instagram with great effects. They also recommend backdrops based on the theme color. We didn’t even need to make a separate backdrop. Again, way better than the paid ones from my wedding planner.

4. Very thoughtful template design (everything’s customized, with wedding elements).

5. We picked the 3-photo strip template (you can also choose 4 photos or others). All the photos came out in 2 identical strips. Guests would take one of them and we would keep one of them for memory sake. On top of all this, we received all the animated GIFs that could be saved as WeChat stickers right away by scanning a QR code. It was perfect!

In conclusion, InstaPhoto is really great. No additional fees throughout the wedding. I suggest all my friends who are getting married to just use InstaPhoto at guest registration instead of giving the task to wedding planners. Usually if you don’t have a big budget, the stuff coming out of wedding planners can look really cheap despite all the inspiration photos you send them. InstaPhoto is instant, and what you see is what you get. Unfortunately I was too busy at my wedding to get a chance to take photos of the booth with my phone and the actual wedding photos will only come out in 45 days. However, I just couldn’t wait to write this review first. For those who have a smaller budget but still want a beautiful wedding, this is my advice. Rest is in your hands!  



超赞的创意和团队!媒体朋友介绍的小公司,员工背景牛气、审美好、又nice有耐心~派对现场交给他们,再也不用担心客人们没事情做要不停哈拉。拍拍拍时候可以看到自己的动作和表情,好有安全感,我们玩的是四连拍,秋抖有那么点点来不及想pose(论有plan的重要性)。照片打印超快,简直是三十秒立等可取~扫码还可以下载原图和可以当微信表情的gif,拉风的很。自己做活动合作过,参加别人的活动也看到他们,可以定制背景和模版道具,甲方爸爸很满意!Party Queen就是你呀~

InstaPhoto was referred to me by a friend. It has a great team that does creative work. The onsite attendants are patient, professional and have high aesthetic standards. I felt that I could just trust them with the event and never had to worry about guests being bored again. It made us feel safe seeing our own images while taking pictures. We picked the 4 photo template and didn’t even have time to come up with a plan of how we wanted to pose! The whole process was really fast, and everything was done in 30 seconds. All the photos and GIF could be downloaded by scanning a QR code which could then be turned into WeChat stickers – it was really cool. Outside of our own event, I had also come across them at other events. All templates and props can be customized. We are very happy with the results! You can be the party queen too! 

Jenny Ford


将心比心地说,我真的无法表达我有多推荐大福妮和她的团队。我们因为要离开上海了,想要和来参加我们送别会的朋友们拍一些有趣的照片。所以租用了印时达的服务。我之前有听说过印时达,但是没想到可以这么好玩!每一个客人都说这个主意好,选择道具的过过程中有如此多的欢笑,还可以带照片回家!是你能想到的整个派对上的明星和最好的破冰工具(我们邀请了我们在上海的生活中各式各样的朋友参加,从清洁工到工作上的同事和好朋友)。大福妮和她的团队从我第一时刻跟他们打交道开始就表现得非常专业。迅速地回答我那么多的问题,道具和背景布的建议是如此恰到好处( 我只是提了一下我们是英国人,即将离开中国搬去美国)。搭建团队也很棒,并且离开了以后场地就好像他们没来过一样整洁!我们现在已经离开了上海,但是我们有一大堆每个人的照片,每个人都玩得很开心,充满了笑声,大家也都很放松,这一切对我们来说是无价的。如此美好的回忆,让我2个月后还在笑!

With my hand on my heart, I can really not recommend Daphne and her InstaPhoto team highly enough. We hired the service as at the time, we were sadly leaving Shanghai and wanted to ensure we had fun photos of all our friends who came to our farewell party. I had heard of InstaPhoto before but never realized just how much fun they can be! Every single guest commented on what a great idea it was, the laughs they had choosing the props and how special it was to walk away with a cool photo to remember the party. By far it was the star of the show and the best ice breaker you could possibly think of! ( we invited people from different parts of our life in SH. Ranging from Ayi, to work colleagues to best friends ) Daphne and her team were nothing but professional from the moment I first made contact. My endless questions were answered quickly, the props and background suggestions were spot on ( the only brief was we are British, leaving China, moving on to America ) the set up team were amazing and once they left there wasn’t a trace they had even been there. We have now left Shanghai, however we have a whole bunch of photos of everybody having the most amazing fun, laughing and relaxed and that we feel is priceless. Lovely, lovely memories that still make me laugh 2 months later!

Ryan O'Hara



I have used InstaPhoto for both personal and corporate events and have been completely satisfied with the level of service and professionalism of the team. From planning to take down they are efficient, reliable and deliver amazing results!

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