Everyone Loves a Photobooth!

Photo booths have a way of bringing people close together to enjoy rare moments of approved ridiculousness and awesome photo keepsakes. With company logos and event names on the photos, it’s also an awesome way to brand your company and event and leave a lasting memory for your guests.

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Step 1

Grab a prop!

Spice up your photos with fun hats, bright boas, crazy glasses and more.

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Step 2

Strike a pose!

Take some exciting and creative pictures. Fits several people in front of the camera.

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Step 3

Scan a QR code!

Real-time availability of photos and GIFs that you can download or repost on WeChat.

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Step 4

Collect your photo!

Photo Lab quality photos printed and ready in 8 seconds. 


Shanghai & Beijing's luxury photobooth rental

Rent InstaPhotoCo's photobooth for your corporate event, wedding, or any other occasion!




You're having a modern event, so you need a modern photobooth to match it! Our photobooth were made to blend in with decor, not to be an eye sore!



Have a blast by taking your own pictures with our easy-to-use Selfie Mode! We also offer a unique collection of backdrops and props to fit any occasion. We have a signature set of props that come along with every rental, but we can also customize them to fit your event.



We have a vast number of unique features to spice up your events, including CMYK (multi-exposure) effect, filters (such as black and white, pop, and vintage), light painting, magic mirror games and competitions, creative videos, and many more!



Our special matte prints come out in only 8 seconds. They come in an infinite number of layouts and are customized with your event name and company logo so that your guests can remember their moments for year and years to come. 



We are highly integrated with all major social media such as WeChat & Weibo. Scan a QR code and you can get your own photos and animated GIFs which can be turned into your customized WeChat sticker real time! Both inside and outside of the WeChat link can be customized to match your event theme, and there are different ways you can choose for downloading and reposting! Because if your event didn’t happen on social media, it might as well not have happened at all.” 



From photo templates, props, to WeChat links and looks of the booths, we can customize every aspect of our service to satisfy clients’ needs. 

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Best interactive photography services in Shanghai, Beijing, and the rest of China

We provide interactive photography/photobooth services that allow you to takes professional photos of yourself along with your friends and family.

Our photobooths come with beautiful backdrops and fun goofy props, and prints your photos in 8 seconds. Each session creates a one of a kind print that guests can keep as a souvenir, as well as digital photos, GIFs, and videos that guests can share on social media such as WeChat. 

We are the star of all parties and leave everlasting memories. We are elevating events all around Shanghai, Beijing & other parts of China and would love to be a part of yours. We are InstaPhoto Co.


We are InstaPhoto Co.

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