Wanna Teleport Anywhere Instantly? 想瞬间时空转移吗?

All this summer heat deserves a beach to accompany it, but most of us don’t have the chance to jet off to the nearest tropical paradise. What’s the solution? Perhaps some fakecation photos, like this –

今年的酷暑实在是让人想去哪个沙滩吹吹海风,只可惜不是所有人都有这个机会说走就走。所以走不掉的人要怎么办?只能假装在度假咯, 像这样 - 


or like this –


InstaPhoto does it better.



InstaPhoto is officially introducing the Green Screen function this month. It lets you travel the world without ever leaving the event (or photoshopping the hell out of your photos afterwards). Guests are able to transport to anywhere in the world, and have a postcard to keep as a memento! Best part is, it’s all done in a matter of seconds!



An example being like this -

举个🌰 -

Here is the how the magic happens:



Step 1: Stand in front of our photo booth against our green backdrop;

Step 2: Strike a pose;

Step 3: Bam! You’re set! Just like that. The moment you’re done, the photo is ready to be picked up!





So, if you have a theme party related to a destination, or if you run out of backdrop ideas, spice up your events with our Green Screen. We will help curate images to match the theme of your event, or design them from scratch!



These could be your events:


What if guests want to pick their own backgrounds after their photos are taken? Or have the photo booth pick a different background for each photo automatically? We provide up to 6 different virtual backgrounds for each photo session with no wait time. Here’s an example:


Just a side note - you may not want to wear green for the Green Screen effect or you may get a picture of your head floating on the Caribbean ocean…unless that's the effect you’re looking for! Of course, we will also have a non-green jacket for you just in case.



Intrigued? At InstaPhoto, we are always coming up with new ways to make your events fun and unique. So, come have some fun with us, won’t ya?